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Arise Daily News Digest 7-7-2015

AL.COM - More Alabama counties issuing gay marriage licenses.

AL.COM - Presidential candidate Ted Cruz set for Alabama visit.

AL.COM - Alabama, other states want safeguards for churches' tax-exempt status.

AL.COM - BP oil spill settlement: Alabama coast got shortchanged, Byrne says.

AL.COM - Hospitality wages are going up in southern Alabama: how much higher could they rise?

AL.COM - State Sen. Larry Stutts responds to negligence lawsuit.

AL.COM - Miniature battle flags, other Confederate items for sale in Alabama Capitol store.

AL.COM - Alabama lawmakers acquire taste for Sunday sales, draft beer.

AL.COM – Contributor Andrew Manis: Southern heritage is both black and white, but Confederate 'cornerstone' was white supremacy.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Questions Remain About $250 Million "Advance"

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Alabama Jobs Foundation on BP Settlement

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Bentley Defends His Decision to Take Down Confederate Flags

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Alabama Still Needs Gambling Dollars Says Alabama Jobs Foundation Director

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor Jim Ziegler: State should not waste $2.3 Billion BP settlement.

ANNISTON STAR - State suicide rates near all-time high.

ANNISTON STAR - Alabama GOP faces shifting ground on same-sex marriage.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Alabama's budgetary wounds.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: More gun deaths in Chicago.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - BP money unlikely to address General Fund woes.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - UAB launches network for women leaders in higher education.

DOTHAN EAGLE - No Child Left Behind reform needed to address achievement gaps.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: A debate without resolution.

WASHINGTON POST - Is this cold, rural state home to the nation’s healthiest democracy?

WASHINGTON POST - Steve King wants resolution denouncing Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Michael Gerson: Rust-belt revivalists can’t save the GOP.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: How Texas is whitewashing Civil War history.

NEW YORK TIMES – Study Finds Most States Have No Black Elected Prosecutors

NEW YORK TIMES – White House Solar Plan Aims at Low- and Middle-Income People

NEW YORK TIMES – Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Joe Nocera: The Good Jobs Strategy

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