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Arise Daily News Digest 4-27-2015

AL.COM - U.S. Supreme Court takes up gay marriage question Tuesday; what does it mean for Alabama?

AL.COM - Just a sliver of BP's fines can safeguard Alabama's last wild places.

AL.COM - Virtual schools coming to every Alabama school system by 2016-2017.

AL.COM – Columnist Mark McCarter: HudsonAlpha recalls Huntsville's past while speeding toward incredible future.

AL.COM - Alabama’s high school football coaching salaries soar past $120,000, search for how much your coach makes.

AL.COM – Contributor Neal Berte: Check your moral compass on payday loans then call your legislators.

AL.COM – Columnist Charles Dean: Constitution trumps Bible when it comes to same-sex marriage.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Confederate Memorial Day considered expired by some.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - The Tuscaloosa News: Hiring private auditors to save Alabama?

ANNISTON STAR - Groups film at Cheaha, plead for park to remain open.

WASHINGTON POST - As USPS slows down mail delivery, some letters are taking even longer to arrive than the new rules allow.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Robert Samuelson: The GOP estate-tax folly.

WASHINGTON POST - Details of fundraising by rebellious House Republicans.

NEW YORK TIMES - Justices to Hear Challenge That Argues Lethal-Injection Drug Causes Agony

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman: Nobody Said That

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributors Roberto Suro and Marcelo Suarez-Orozco: Think of Undocumented Immigrants as Parents, Not Problems.

SALON - This is how we can talk about diversity: Race, college and a real path forward.

THE ATLANTIC - When Hospitals Move, Who Gets Left Behind?

THE NATION - Have We Seen the End of the 8-Hour Day?

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