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Arise Daily News Digest 9-23-2018

AL.COM - 12 diagnosed with West Nile Virus in Mobile County.

AL.COM - 'Respect our flag': Trump's Huntsville speech still resonates loudly, one year later.

AL.COM – Contributor Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan: Mourning the death of a public figure.

AL.COM – Columnist Frances Coleman: Senators should hear both sides of Kavanaugh allegation.

AL.COM – Contributor Britt Blalock: Too many ignore racism where it blatantly thrives.

THE NATION - Grassley Knows Exactly What He Was Doing 35 Years Ago—Scheming to Ban Abortion

THE NATION - America’s Aversion to Facts Didn’t Begin With Donald Trump

THE NATION - Florida Is on the Verge of a Historic Voting-Rights Victory

THE ATLANTIC - Donald Trump Might Be the ‘Client From Hell’

THE ATLANTIC - Contributor Hilary Clinton: American Democracy Is in Crisis

THE NEW YORKER - Columnist John Cassidy: The Other Problem With Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination: Privilege

SLATE - Sean Hannity Warns Trump Not to Fire “Anybody” After Rosenstein Report: “It Is All a Setup”

SALON - Maher skewers Roy Moore for defending Kavanaugh: “He wasn’t invited to that party with teenagers”.

DECATUR DAILY - Circle Ranch: Former Boys Ranch welcoming more children.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: There's no 1st Amendment right to tweet.

DECATUR DAILY - E-Center to focus on robotics, agtech to grow local economy.

GADSDEN TIMES - Records: Drug abuse is a measurable factor into Etowah crime.

ANNISTON STAR - Five reasons why the rising economy hasn't brought back state services.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Medicaid expansion's money in Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR - Contributor Adam Peshek: In defense of the Alabama Accountability Act.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Tainted Alabama water and Rep. Rogers.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: Secretary Merrill must unblock Twitter users.

WASHINGTON POST - ‘Incredibly frustrated’: Inside the GOP effort to save Kavanaugh amid assault allegation.

WASHINGTON POST - Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford moved 3,000 miles to reinvent her life. It wasn’t far enough.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Eileen McClure Nelson: I know why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t come forward earlier. I didn’t, either.

WASHINGTON POST – The Washington Post: Trump sees ‘tremendous progress’ on the Koreas where none exists.

WASHINGTON POST - Trump administration seeks to limit access to U.S. for immigrants who use or are likely to use public assistance.

WASHINGTON POST - Congress allows airlines to continue passenger fees that cost $4.6 billion last year.

WASHINGTON POST - Parents face tougher rules to get immigrant children back.

NEW YORK TIMES - Tentative Deal Reached for Kavanaugh Accuser to Testify on Thursday

NEW YORK TIMES - Kavanaugh Was Supposed to Be a Midterm Boon for G.O.P. Not Anymore.

NEW YORK TIMES - With Climate Change No Longer in the Future, Adaptation Speeds Up

NEW YORK TIMES - Hurricane Florence Has Gone, but Challenges for the Carolinas Have Just Begun

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Jennifer Weiner: The Patriarchy Will Always Have Its Revenge

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor David Margolick: We Need More Enemies of the People

Arise Daily News Digest 3-12-2018

AL.COM - Columnist Kyle Whitmire: Records show Sessions, Strange put donors' interest first.

AL.COM - Talladega College grad wins 2018 Harper Lee award.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald: Golden Age of Alabama corruption nears end; new one begins.

AL.COM – Columnist Dana Hall McCain: Liberals and science: Pick a lane.

AL.COM – Contributor Tony Petelos: 'I was at death's door'.

ATHENS NEWS COURIER - Contributor Jim Zachary: SUNSHINE WEEK 2018: Sunshine always right.

JASPER MOUNTAIN EAGLE - Scammers targeting Alabama Power customers.

JASPER MOUNTAIN EAGLE – Editor James Phillips: Shining light on opioid epidemic.

BIRMINGHAM TIMES - Crowded Shelters And The Vicious Flu Brew Perfect Storm For The Homeless

BIRMINGHAM TIMES - How Tina Reuter and UAB’s Institute for Human Rights build platform for social justice.

SELMA TIMES JOURNAL - Coleman announces campaign for state representative.

SELMA TIMES JOURNAL - EPA closes Uniontown investigations.

ANDALUSIA STAR NEWS - Program raises awareness of payday loan issues, proposed new regulations.

LAGNIAPPE - $315 million worth of projects greenlighted by RESTORE Act Council.

MOTHER JONES - The Rich Are Happier About Their Taxes Than the Poor

GULF COAST NEWS - Congressman Byrne considering 2020 U.S. Senate run.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: Trump searches for a scapegoat.

FLORENCE TIMES DAILY - Incentive program could attract investors.

FLORENCE TIMES DAILY - State's physicians contribute billions to economy.

GADSDEN TIMES - Trump backs off call for raising minimum age to buy gun.

GADSDEN TIMES - Piano once lost, now found.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Vanzetta McPherson: The name is Obama, not O’Bama.

WASHINGTON POST - White House vows to help arm teachers and backs off raising age for buying guns.

WASHINGTON POST – Columnist E. J. Dionne: The needy salesman in chief.

WASHINGTON POST - Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed ‘60 Minutes’ interview.

WASHINGTON POST - Elizabeth Warren keeps up criticism of fellow Democrats supporting bank deregulation.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Matt O’Brien: The recovery isn’t slowing down. The Fed should let it keep going.

NEW YORK TIMES - AP FACT CHECK: Trump's Trouble With Numbers

NEW YORK TIMES - White Evangelical Women, Core Supporters of Trump, Begin Tiptoeing Away

NEW YORK TIMES - The Mideast Peace Plan Is Nearly Finished. Is It Dead on Arrival?

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Denene Millner: Black Kids Don’t Want to Read About Harriet Tubman All the Time

NEWSWEEK - Sixth Graders In Alabama Write Wills In Case They Die In School Shooting

ALABAMA TODAY - How today’s loudest progressives are nothing like those who fought for civil rights.

Arise Daily News Digest 3-11-2018

AL.COM - Scott Dawson wins gubernatorial straw poll at GOP club in Madison.

AL.COM - Trump believes North Korea will suspend missile tests ahead of planned summit.

AL.COM - Car lease tax for BJCC stadium not yet a done deal.

AL.COM - A new era of recording begins at Muscle Shoals Sound.

AL.COM - Truck & Wheel opens plant in Vance, to employ 74.

AL.COM – Contributor Frances Coleman: Let's go with Florida: all daylight saving, all the time.

THE ATLANTIC - How Poverty and Racism Persist in Mississippi

THE ATLANTIC - A Provision Hidden in the Banking Bill Could Hurt Black Homeowners

THE NATION - It’s Time to Abolish ICE: A mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.

THE NATION - Here’s How California Is Resisting Jeff Sessions on Immigration Policy

THE NEW YORKER - Contributor Margaret Talbot: The Gun-Control Debate After Parkland

SLATE - Trump Will Get His Military Parade — But Without Tanks

MOTHER JONES - The NRA Just Sued Florida for Raising the Minimum Age to Purchase a Gun

MOTHER JONES - Children Pay the Price for America’s Addiction to Gun Violence: A new report says that children who survive shootings suffer the consequences for decades.

FACING SOUTH - Meet the organizer who helped create the soundtrack for the Poor People's Campaign.

FACING SOUTH - New 'Opportunity Zone' program risks gentrifying distressed communities.

NEWSWEEK - Alabama ‘Bible as Literature’ Teacher Accused of Sexual Relationship With Student

DECATUR DAILY - Gun control continues to bring mix of opinions.

FLORENCE TIMES DAILY - Gun bills pile up in House.

FLORENCE TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: Open government is good government.

FLORENCE TIMES DAILY - Reporter Mary Sell’s Capital Notebook: Bill toughens penalties for indecent exposure.

GADSDEN TIMES - Alabama Power to close ash facilities.

GADSDEN TIMES - Sessions: Small-time pot growers can take a breather.

ANNISTON STAR - Contributor Chris Roberts: Harper Lee, Atticus Finch and open records in Alabama.

ANNISTON STAR - Editor Bob Davis: Development bill admits sad fact about Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Marty Ford: New Trump rules will drive people with disabilities off Medicaid and out of work.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Nick Bell: Abortion issue all about science, not religion.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Ozark man who threatened president unable to stand trial.

DOTHAN EAGLE - After 100 years, Wiregrass identity remains tied to the peanut.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: An ironic death.

WASHINGTON POST - After once predicting quick end to Mueller probe, White House now looking to expand legal team.

WASHINGTON POST – Columnist Kathleen Parker: Republicans might be about to take a licking.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor John Feeley: Why I could no longer serve this president.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Anne Fuqua: The other opioid crisis: pain patients who can’t access the medicine we need.

NEW YORK TIMES - The New York Times: Vote. That’s Just What They Don’t Want You to Do.

NEW YORK TIMES - Trump Rollbacks Target Offshore Rules ‘Written With Human Blood’

NEW YORK TIMES - G.O.P. Rushed to Pass Tax Overhaul. Now It May Need to Be Altered.

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Neil Irwin: The Economy Is Looking Awfully Strong

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