Arise Daily News Digest 4-12-2012

BIRMINGHAM NEWS - Alabama Senate committee approves covenant marriage bill.

BIRMINGHAM NEWS - Southern Poverty Law Center condemns pepper spray use in Bessemer school.

(MOBILE) PRESS-REGISTER - 'Homeowners Bill of Rights' splits insurance industry.

(MOBILE) PRESS-REGISTER - Insurance proposals stall in Montgomery.

(MOBILE) PRESS-REGISTER - The Press-Register: Same Song, Different Verse

BIRMINGHAM NEWS - Immigration law draws fire in public hearing by House panel considering rewrite.

(MOBILE) PRESS-REGISTER - The Press-Register: All the more reason to keep Forever Wild.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILYThe Times Daily: Rewrite this bill.

DECATUR DAILYThe Decatur Daily: A benefit of charter schools.

DECATUR DAILYThe Decatur Daily: Solid choices in November.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Cam Newton’s college career inspires law:  Bill would expand definition of athletic agent to cover aiding in college enrollment.

GADSDEN TIMES - Summary of action in Alabama Legislature.

GADSDEN TIMES - Athens State University seeking own board.

GADSDEN TIMES - Abortion opponents seek shutdown of Alabama clinic.

GADSDEN TIMES - Senators delay work on Ala. education budget.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: All cheer this ‘Bama landmark.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Pocketbook playbook: Economy moves to center stage in 2012 presidential campaign.

(TALLADEGA) DAILY HOMEThe Daily Home: House passed budget will hurt Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Senate committee passes looting bill.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Medical college to spur widespread growth.

WASHINGTON POST - ‘Buffett Rule’ vs. Ryan plan: Who should chip in more?

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Matt Miller:  Tax talk — big lies and straight truths.

WASHINGTON POST - Report: Cash-strapped states fail to track whether business tax breaks are sparking job growth.

NEW YORK TIMES - Romney Taking Steps to Narrow His Gender Gap

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: The Wages of Ideology