Hooray for the ACA!

Nearly 180,000 Alabamians signed up for 2017 health coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Confusion over the status of ACA coverage after the presidential election may have contributed to the 8.5 percent drop in enrollment from 2016.

Open enrollment for 2017 coverage ended Jan. 31, 2017. But between annual open enrollment periods, uninsured Alabamians may qualify for Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) when they experience certain life-changing events, such as marriage, birth or adoption and loss of coverage through job loss, relocation or divorce. Visit healthcare.gov for more information about SEPs and coverage options on the Marketplace.

The resources below describe how the Marketplace works, other benefits of the Affordable Care Act, how Alabama is addressing health care reform and what lies ahead.

Healthcare.gov -- The Marketplace website is your one-stop hub for new coverage options and other benefits of the ACA.

Do you have health insurance? Get ready to enroll! -- This flier is an overview of how to enroll, how to get help and the information you'll need to start the enrollment process.

To find out what premium discounts you may qualify for on the Marketplace, use this handy subsidy calculator from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

This Marketplace flier from Arise helps you reach out to the uninsured.

This Marketplace bulletin insert is formatted for church bulletins.

Find your way around the Marketplace -- This brochure from AARP highlights the basics.

Health security for Alabama's working families -- This fact sheet makes the case for Medicaid expansion. 

Health security for Alabama's uninsured veterans

Health security for Alabama's women

You got covered. Now what? -- This one-page overview looks at what people who have health coverage for the first time can expect from their insurance plan.

UAB study shows huge economic benefits of Medicaid expansion

The ACA helps nonprofits offer health insurance

Health reform and young Alabamians

Health reform and Alabama seniors

How the ACA helps America's families (Families USA)

How the ACA helps small businesses (Families USA and Small Business Majority)

ACA implementation timeline (Community Catalyst) 

Do you have health insurance?

Tips for tax time and getting enrolled -- This one-page overview looks at the shared responsibility penalty, who may be exempt from it, and how people who owe a penalty for 2014 can avoid owing one again in 2015.

A new health care option for former foster youths

Medicaid RCOs: Better care, better health, lower costs -- This one-page overview looks at Alabama's promising new Medicaid regional care organization (RCO) reforms, designed to keep patients healthier while cutting health care costs.

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