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Arise Daily News Digest 5-28-2015

AL.COM - Last call for Sen. Del Marsh's Alabama lottery/casino bill.

AL.COM - Alabama's new 2-year college board holds first meeting.

AL.COM - Former Monroe paper mill owner sentenced to prison for hiding funds in Swiss account.

AL.COM - New Alabama discrimination bill does not mention gays, lesbians.

AL.COM - Sen. Arthur Orr says grim Alabama budget outlook could improve.

AL.COM - What's up with Alabama Republicans? Taxes? Gambling?

AL.COM – Columnist Charles Dean: Forming commission to study budget mess is like Titanic captain wanting study on avoiding icebergs.

AL.COM – Columnist Leada Gore: Birth control pills, no prescription needed: Is GOP bill a good idea?

AL.COM - FHLBank of Atlanta Announces 2015 AHP Competitive Offering: "$19.6 Million Available for Affordable Housing Development ".

AL.COM – Contributor Pat Dye: Support Sen. Del Marsh's lottery and gaming plan.

AL.COM – Contributor Clete Wetli: What's your choice, Alabama: prosperity or austerity?

AL.COM – Contributor Scott Paul: Alabama workers need better trade rules.

WSFA - Columnist Ken Hare In Depth: Alabama House punts budget to Senate.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard’s Attorneys Sue DOJ for Hart’s Records

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse: Prediction: Same sex marriage will be the law of the land.

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS - Roy Moore: Justices who perform same-sex marriages should be impeached.

DECATUR DAILY - Alabama senators look for ways to patch General Fund budget.

ANNISTON STAR - Lawmakers appear headed for last-minute decisions on state budget.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: The chaos of opposing Obamacare.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Putting it off 'til next year in the Alabama Legislature.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Hyundai: Not enough workers here.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor John McMillan: More needs to be done to assist our Alabama wine producers.

WASHINGTON POST - Fewer immigrants are entering the U.S. illegally, and that’s changed the border security debate.

WASHINGTON POST - Nebraska’s abolishing the death penalty means a lot more for politics than it does for prisoners.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Harold Meyerson: The forces driving the United States apart.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Robert Samuelson: Are we playing minimum-wage roulette?

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: The Death Penalty Ends in Nebraska

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Mark Bittman: Can We Finally Treat Food Workers Fairly?

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