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Arise Daily News Digest 3-27-2015

ARISE NEWS - New payday lending rules would be a good first step, but rate cap still needed to help consumers.

AL.COM - Obama in Birmingham 2015: President calls for consumer protection in Lawson State speech.

AL.COM - Battle over payday loan rates expected in Alabama State House.

AL.COM - Walker County is the least healthy county in Alabama, according to new rankings.

AL.COM – Columnist Charles Dean:  Gov. Robert Bentley has learned good intentions without the "mother's milk of politics" is not enough.

AL.COM - Federal judge dismisses gay marriage lawsuit against Mobile County probate judge.

AL.COM - Is Gov. Robert Bentley's proposed tax increase going to raise your utility rates?

AL.COM - See for yourself just how little Alabama has recovered from pre-recession revenues.

AL.COM - Jefferson County schools considering reductions in force.

AL.COM - Gov. Robert Bentley: North Alabama road funding still suspended over no-tax billboard.

AL.COM - New federal payday lender rules proposed before Obama's Birmingham visit.

AL.COM - Brewers Guild fights to pass bill to make wholesale beer contracts enforceable in Alabama.

AL.COM - National flooring chain with 5 stores in Alabama under federal investigation for chemical.

AL.COM - Huntsville fastest growing large metro in Alabama, added 23,500 people since 2010.

AL.COM - Clarence Thomas blames court, DOJ in redistricting case, not Alabama.

AL.COM - How a prison made rural Alabama area one of America's fastest-growing counties.

AL.COM - These six Alabama counties responsible for almost all population growth since 2010.

AL.COM – Columnist Charles Dean:  The daughters of King and Wallace together and the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.

AL.COM – Contributor Dennis Shaul:  Payday loans: Don't rush into regulations without research.

AL.COM – Contributor T. C. McLemore:  When it comes to race in Alabama, are we each other's only hope?

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Suggested He and Riley Run Shadow Party

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Democrats Respond to Court Decision on Alabama Redistricting Case

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Republicans Respond to Supreme Court Ruling

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS - Team Bentley launches tax-exempt group to push tax increase proposal, healthcare reforms.

DECATUR DAILY - Go to high school ... while in college?

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - Airgas to build $64 million plant in Tuscaloosa, hire 28.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - The Tuscaloosa News:  Districts should be geographical, not racial or political.

ANNISTON STAR - Future uncertain for bill allowing brewpub patrons to take beer home.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Sales taxes -- hate 'em, need 'em.

ANNISTON STAR – Contributor William Canary:  Prison reform needs attention of Alabama business.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Obama talks payday loans during Birmingham visit.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - ASU trustee resigns over continued investigation.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Alabama holds fist up, hand out to feds.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Jessi Streib:  For richer or poorer: The challenges of marrying outside your class.

WASHINGTON POST - How to cut taxes and help the poor at the same time:  It's time to toss some popular tax credits that really just help the rich.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama takes stock of health-care law — and presidency.

WASHINGTON POST - Where America’s undocumented immigrants work.

WASHINGTON POST - Google searches show that millions of people wanted to vote but couldn’t.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Catherine Rampell:  What happens when gray mixes with brown in America.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post:  Keeping them safe from gay marriage.

Arise Daily News Digest 1-10-2015

AL.COM - Gary Palmer's 'whirlwind' D.C. week: Vote against Boehner, bills co-sponsored, a glimpse of Capitol.

AL.COM - Obama's free college plan could help Alabama students, if we can afford it, says state community college chief.

AL.COM - Terri Sewell, Alabama's lone Democrat in Congress breaks with party, supports Keystone Pipeline.

AL.COM - Congressman Byrne rejects gas tax hike, says general government should fund transportation.

AL.COM - Polaris will build new manufacturing operation employing at least 1,700 in Huntsville area.

AL.COM - Tiny north Alabama crossroads of Greenbrier is excited, wary about new Huntsville Polaris plant.

AL.COM - Pelham Police Department apologizes after officers heard mocking special-needs students.

AL.COM - Congressman Byrne says Pentagon critic of LCS program is 'lone wolf' with 'no credibility'.

AL.COM - Alabama asks judge to let state execute Tommy Arthur Feb. 19.

AL.COM - Congressman Byrne on race relations: Alabama is 'completely different place' than 1960s.

AL.COM - UAB president Ray Watts leaves door open for return of football in the future.

AL.COM - Which Alabama metros were among best and worst economic performers in the U.S. in 2014?

AL.COM - Restoring Alabama: Green groups collaborate on 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' for conservation funding after oil spill.

AL.COM - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley at 'Selma' premiere: Voter ID is not comparable to voting restrictions from 1965.

AL.COM - Alabama task force recommends DOT bureau handle state oversight of drones.

AL.COM - White Southerners aren't as white as they think they are: Friday's Wake Up Call.

AL.COM – Contributor Wayne Flynt: The dreams - and the divides - of Selma live on.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Hubbard Filing Seeks To Muzzle State

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - White Lies: 2013 Letter Acknowledges Criminal Investigation

DECATUR DAILY - AG tells officials to enforce bingo law.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Tuskegee once again ranks among top black universities.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Selma turns out for free showings of ‘Selma’.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Appeals court won't rehear BP Gulf oil spill case.

WASHINGTON POST - The economy’s broken record: Lots of jobs, but no raises.

WASHINGTON POST - Supreme Court takes no action on same-sex marriages.

WASHINGTON POST - States passed 171 immigration laws last year.

NEW YORK TIMES - Expansive House G.O.P. Immigration Bill Undercuts the President

NEW YORK TIMES - Mitt Romney Says He’s Considering a 2016 Presidential Run

Arise Daily News Digest 1-9-2015

AL.COM - House votes to gut Obamacare employer mandate, define full-time worker at 40 hours.

AL.COM - Alabama's Jim Crow era murders under new spotlight.

AL.COM - Alabama PSC to Obama: You lied about Obamacare, but not about expensive electricity.

AL.COM - Alabama opposes San Francisco law requiring guns in homes to be trigger-locked or locked away.

AL.COM - Stillman College joins ranks of tobacco-free Alabama universities with new smoking ban.

AL.COM - Alabama Senator Richard Shelby named chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

AL.COM - Alabama receives $8.3 million for Early Head Start-Child Care programs, and more is on the way.

AL.COM - Obama seeks to make community college education free for students who maintain grades.

AL.COM - Need a microloan? North Alabama Revolving Loan Fund making startup dreams come true.

AL.COM - The economy, the environment and the $56 million problem faced by the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council.

AL.COM - Alabama bets on Hollywood, rebates $640,000 in school taxes for filming of 'Selma'.

AL.COM - Despite Mobile's potential benefit from trade, Byrne slaps Obama over Cuba decision.

AL.COM - Republicans are running the Senate. Sound like a good time for a gas tax hike.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - U. S. Rep. Bradley Bryne:  What To Expect in 2015

THE ATLANTIC - Can Immigrants Save the Housing Market?

THE ATLANTIC - Why the Media Started Caring About the American Worker Again

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - Timeline: The Alabama Accountability Act

DECATUR DAILY - Local medical clinic requires $150 deposit before seeing patients.

ANNISTON STAR - Few recommendations from Alabama drone task force.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star:  Payback for the 'fringe guys'.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Firm auditing ASU to be paid another $500,000.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Contributor Jim Patterson:  'Selma' role recalls Advertiser's Bob Ingram.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser:  'Selma' not documentary, but can be tool for learning.

DOTHAN EAGLE - Troy chancellor says message was ‘not intended to offend’.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle:  A tempest in a teapot.

WASHINGTON POST - Where America’s Social Security benefits go, in four maps.

WASHINGTON POST - Elizabeth Warren says the system is rigged for the rich. They vote way more than the poor.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Charles Krauthammer:  Raise the gas tax. A lot.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post:  Can Obamacare win over people and Congress?

NEW YORK TIMES - Honda Fined for Violations of Safety Law

NEW YORK TIMES - Degrees of Education: The Roots of Obama’s Ambitious College Plan

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Voodoo Time Machine

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Timothy Egan:  A Pipeline and a Pie-In-The-Sky

Arise Daily News Digest 1-3-2015

AL.COM - Alabama Department of Transportation leases new jet to replace 26-year-old plane.

AL.COM - Gary Palmer goes to Washington: D.C. is 'not the real world,' new U.S. Rep. for 6th district says.

AL.COM - Why Alabama's minimum wage ($7.25) is higher than California's ($9).

AL.COM - Will same-sex marriage become legal nationwide in 2015?

AL.COM - HealthSouth completes $750 million acquisition of home health business.

AL.COM – Columnist Cameron Smith: The Friday Five: New Year's Resolutions for the Alabama Legislature.

AL.COM - Lawsuit settlement spared Alabama $1 million of its repayment to ACLU, prison officials say.

AL.COM – Contributor Michael Grant: Montgomery protest takes up mantle of modern Civil Rights movement in the birthplace of justice.

ANNISTON STAR - Alabama officials: No interviews for condemned inmates.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: Bad feelings all around.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - New diet guidelines may reflect environment cost.

WASHINGTON POST - Republicans in state governments plan juggernaut of conservative legislation.

WASHINGTON POST - Big strides could come from a small bump in pay.

WASHINGTON POST - This is how depressingly partisan America has become.

NEW YORK TIMES - 'Sweet Home Alabama' Town Drops Legal Battle

NEW YORK TIMES - Departing Lawmakers Bemoan the Decline of Compromise

NEW YORK TIMES - Fight on Guns Is Being Taken to State Ballots

WALL STREET JOURNAL - Is Global Poverty Falling? Not in Absolute Terms

REUTERS - Fear and joy as Alabama town readies for screenings of film 'Selma'.

Arise Daily News Digest 1-2-2014

AL.COM - 2015 ushers in new Alabama laws, including the consolidated Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and IDs for veterans.

AL.COM - Republican legislators who oppose Obamacare thwarting bids to expand Medicaid.

SALON - Exposing the charter school lie: Michelle Rhee, Louis C.K. and the year phony education reform revealed its true colors.

THE ATLANTIC - Compared to Previous Generations, How Bad Are Millennials' Finances?

SLATE - My Favorite Graph of 2014: The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent

AL.COM - Young Huntsville man who advocated for marijuana oil relief undergoes major surgery.

AL.COM – Contributor Itamar Shapira:  My advocacy for CBD oil will continue, but my struggle with illness cannot.

DECATUR DAILY - Sources of income remain top focus in Lawrence.

ANNISTON STAR - More Alabamians signing up for health care under ACA.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star:  Bad feelings all around.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Eugene Robinson:  The GOP has a bad habit of appealing to avowed racists.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributor Michael Lomax:  A proposed federal college rating system could hurt disadvantaged students.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post:  The EPA’s move to regulate ‘coal ash’ is a step forward.

NEW YORK TIMES - Government Spending, Edging Up, Is a Stimulus

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Twin Peaks Planet

NEW YORK TIMES - Contributor Steven Bender:  Reaching the American Dream Is Harder for People of Color

WALL STREET JOURNAL - What We Know About Inequality (in 14 Charts)

THE GUARDIAN - The five major things we screwed up in inequality in 2014.

Arise Daily News Digest 1-1-2015

AL.COM - Alabama prison officials weigh in on a busy 2014.

AL.COM - After hundreds joined in deep deliberation, here are eight things you told us about prison reform.

AL.COM – Contributor Frances Coleman: Let's resolve to quit electing lousy political leaders.

AL.COM - Atheist group wants apology from Troy University chancellor over this emailed video.

AL.COM - Rising cost of funerals leaves some Alabama families scrambling in their time of grief.

AL.COM - Alabama Supreme Court orders dismissal of lawsuit challenging RSA's investments in state projects.

AL.COM - State gives early approval to five more Medicaid providers.

AL.COM - Alabama's Honda plant's record year, by the numbers.

AL.COM - Energen's stock prices drop 26 percent among low oil prices, but remains optimistic.

AL.COM – Contributor Wayne Verry: Fixing prisons is complicated but staying true to the values the corrections department preaches would make a big difference at little cost.

AL.COM – Contributor Reginald Boswell: Societies must plan for reintegration of those previously incarcerated.

AL.COM – Contributor Howard Bankhead: Invest in youth to avoid the damage that funnels people into our prisons.

WSFA - Contributor Larry Lee: Elvis has left the building.

DECATUR DAILY - More troopers poised to hit roads this year.

DECATUR DAILY - The Decatur Daily: New Year’s Day invites us to do better.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: A pioneer looks forward.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: More death in Alabama.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Opportunities and challenges loom in new year.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: A tumultuous 2014.

WASHINGTON POST - ‘Selma’ sets off a controversy amid Oscar buzz.

WASHINGTON POST - 2014: A reminder of the lasting power of racial politics in America.

NEW YORK TIMES - States’ Minimum Wages Rise, Helping Millions of Workers

NEW YORK TIMES - Health Plan Enrollment Numbers Show Importance of Coming Supreme Court Case

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Ron Haskins: Social Programs That Work

HUFFINGTON POST - The True Hero of Selma

Arise Daily News Digest 12-31-2014

AL.COM - Alabama Supreme Court sets execution date for longtime death row inmate Tommy Arthur.

AL.COM - Judge allows ALDOT widening of Eufaula's 'Sweet Home Alabama' road.

AL.COM - Alabama Pain Center sues government over $25 million Medicare repayment order.

AL.COM - Alabama Accountability Act scholarship donations drop by half with lawsuit pending.

AL.COM - University of Alabama campus smoking ban goes into effect next week.

AL.COM -Minimum wage workers in Alabama slip further behind counterparts in other states: Today in politics.

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

AL.COM - $110M Remington plant ramping up in Huntsville, hiring underway for firearm assembly, machining.

AL.COM - Alabama taxpayers left with million dollar tab to fight prison lawsuits.

AL.COM - Alabama, 21 other states seeing 'epidemic' level of flu-like illness.

AL.COM - Latest Obamacare numbers: Subsidies up to 91 percent of Alabamians who enrolled.

AL.COM – Contributor State Rep. Craig Ford: The hope of a new year.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: A politician’s judgment.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Alabamians signing up for insurance faster.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Columnist Josh Moon's favorites from 2014.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: Central database critical to payday loan regulation.

WASHINGTON POST - House Republicans move to contain fallout from Scalise, Grimm controversies.

WASHINGTON POST - State prison populations down to lowest point in a decade.

WASHINGTON POST - How race and police became a red-vs.-blue issue.

WASHINGTON POST - Contributors Ray Boshara and William Emmons: Stark disparities in wealth are key in discussions on race in the United States.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: Ways to make the death penalty more fair and humane.

NEW YORK TIMES - An Oasis of Care and Caring for People With Intellectual Disabilities

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Steven Rattner: The Year in Charts

WASHINGTON POST - The current state of white supremacist groups in the U.S.

BILL MOYERS - Inequality and the American Child

WSFA - Columnist Ken Hare In Depth: Bentley bends on Medicaid; RSA looks at oversight rules.

APR - Common Core Repeal, The Day After

(LONDON) DAILY MAIL - Couple thrown in JAIL for being unable to pay court fees on traffic ticket they received visiting dying son in hospital

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