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Arise Daily News Digest 3-23-2017

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald: Gov. Robert Bentley: A year of living scandalously.

AL.COM - How Alabama's 'very low threshold' locks people up for life for nonviolent marijuana crime.

AL.COM - Former Alabama school superintendent sent to prison.

AL.COM – Contributor State Sen. Clyde Chambliss: The case for Alabama's prison reform bill

AL.COM - Alabama sheriff loaned $150,000 of inmate food money to bankrupt, corrupt car lot: Records.

AL.COM - Contributor Matt Tyson: Gov. Bentley left thousands without insurance, and he's proud of it.

AL.COM - Alabama Joblink users may have had personal info exposed.

AL.COM - Alabama to get $24M in Volkswagen settlement to reduce diesel emissions.

AL.COM - Reps. Bradley Byrne, Martha Roby give support to GOP health care bill.

AL.COM - Supreme Court sets higher bar for education of students with disabilities.

AL.COM - No more Martin Luther King/Robert E. Lee holiday in Arkansas: Alabama, Mississippi stand alone.

AL.COM – Contributor Ryan Thoreson: Wipe anti-gay law off Alabama's books.

AL.COM - Mike Pence goes on Birmingham talk radio to gather support for health care bill.

AL.COM - Congress hears shout-out for Huntsville's Google Fiber plan.

AL.COM - State could start taxing Netflix, Spotify and other streaming services.

AL.COM – Contributors Ebony Howard and Frank Knaack: Alabama’s marijuana possession laws need reform.

AL.COM – Contributor Al Head: Federal cuts to arts programs would hurt Alabama culturally and economically.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - The bickering over State prisons continues.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Reporter Bill Britt: What’s next for Gov. Bentley?

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Columnist Joey Kennedy: Donald Trump and his bitter Twitter.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - Contributor State Rep. Craig Ford: Hypocrisy, injustice from the Alabama Legislature.

YELLOWHAMMER NEWS - World Water Day: AL company leading the charge to provide millions with access to safe water in 2017.

EDUCATION MATTERS - Larry Lee: Behavior Therapist Takes BCA To Task For Stance On Autism

EDUCATION MATTERS - Larry Lee: Former North Carolina Legislator Says He Made A Mistake When He Voted For Vouchers

DECATUR DAILY - IP begins demolition of closed Courtland mill.

DECATUR DAILY - Bentley: Federal funding for rural Alabama can’t be cut.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: GOP health care bill is all about winning.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Brooks opposes, Aderholt favors health care plan.

GADSDEN TIMES - Bentley supports GOP health care bill with ‘conditions’.

ANNISTON STAR - Trump budget would put Alabama’s Amtrak line, Anniston downtown in peril.

ANNISTON STAR - The Anniston Star: The Trump tell -- 45th president's agenda comes into focus.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - From foster care to Cambridge: Montgomerian earns prestigious scholarship.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - The Opelika-Auburn News: Auburn University rolls the dice with Leath hire, but sees a winner.

WASHINGTON POST - GOP health-care plan hangs in balance as conservatives demand changes.

WASHINGTON POST - House Intelligence chair says Trump campaign officials were ensnared in surveillance operations.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributors Elizabeth Warren and Joe Donnelly: Trump’s SEC chairman must look out for American families — not big corporations.

WASHINGTON POST – Contributor Mike Huckabee: A conservative plea for the National Endowment of the Arts.

WASHINGTON POST - New research identifies a ‘sea of despair’ among white, working-class Americans.

WASHINGTON POST - The ‘Trump Troubadour’ went to 45 Trump rallies in honor of his late son. Now he feels ‘betrayed.’

WASHINGTON POST - Expert: Bird flu outbreak nation’s worst since 2015.

WASHINGTON POST - Obama health law’s ‘essential benefits’ may be in jeopardy.

WASHINGTON POST - Senate votes to block another Obama-era rule.

NEW YORK TIMES - This Commercial Break, Brought to You by Tax Policy

NEW YORK TIMES - As Rivals Stand Silent, One Health Insurer Protests G.O.P. Plan

NEW YORK TIMES - Late G.O.P. Proposal Could Mean Plans That Cover Aromatherapy but Not Chemotherapy

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor Caroline Light: A ‘Stand Your Ground’ Expansion That Expands Inequality

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: President Trump’s Reckless Shame Game

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Ross Douthat: White Pride and Prejudice

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Charles Blow: Birth of the Biggest Lie

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Predator Colleges May Thrive Again

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