Board of Directors

2009-10 ACPP Board of Directors

Tom Duley is an ordained Elder of the North Alabama Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He serves as the Executive Director of Urban Ministry Inc.  Rev. Duley has a long history of working in the area of missions and social justice both within congregational settings and outside them. He serves as President of the ACPP Board.

As the Membership Services Director for the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Alice Paris of Tuskegee assists cooperatives and other rural development groups to develop resources and provide services. She serves as Vice-President of the ACPP Board.

Tori Bray is originally from Huntsville and recently graduated with a B.S. in agricultural economics, with a minor in political science, from Auburn University. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in agricultural economics. Tori hopes to work with low-income, rural communities on economic and development issues. 

Nancy Brennan has been involved with Alabama Arise for 19 years. As a member of the board, she has represented Church Women United, Alabama and the United Presbyterians of Wilcox County. Currently, she serves as a member-at-large.

Sr. Janet Connorton taught for thirty years in the diocese of Rochester, NY. Before coming to Alabama, Sr. Janet spent seven years as a pastoral agent in Brazil. Her current ministry is in Pine Apple at the Adult Day Care and Nutrition Center, where she helps with the Edmundite Outreach, to serve the many needs of the people of Wilcox County and beyond.

Callie Greer lives in Montgomery and is married to Alfonza Greer, her first and only true love. She is the mother of five: Venus, Mercury, Tiffany, Lawrence and Niaya. It was after the death of her son Mercury that Callie started her volunteer work to reach out and help others in her community. Her heart is in the future of our youth, and whenever she can she is a visible support for them and an advocate on their behalf.  Callie is employed by Greater Birmingham Ministries and is a constant when it comes to the issue of Constitutional Reform for the State of Alabama.

Carol Gundlach is a founding member of Alabama Arise and serves as Treasurer. Since 1990, Carol has been the Executive Director of the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Carol lives in Shorter and serves on the session of Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Montgomery.

Mary Jones represents Women As Strength Program (WASP) on the Arise Board. Mary has a long resume of working for social justice in a variety of ways. Besides working to form and support many non-profit groups that help the people in her local community, she has run for public office. Mary is tireless in her efforts to change her community and change Alabama. She works for Greater Birmingham Ministries as the Special Projects Organizer.

R. G. Lyons is the pastor of Community Church Without Walls, a United Methodist congregation that started and continues to be a church with and among the poor in the West End community of Birmingham. He is a native of Centre and enjoys biking, hiking, camping, tennis, and a good book.

Leewood Morgan is a native of Washington, D.C., and came to Birmingham in 2003. In 2006, he completed the Alabama Organizing Project’s Grassroots Leadership Development Program. Lee serves as Community Services Director at the Church of the Reconciler in Birmingham.

Paul Nelson is a lifelong resident of Coden, Alabama on Mobile County’s Gulf Coast Like his father and grandfather before him, Paul has been active in his community. Paul, his father, and his brother helped organize the oyster-catchers union in south Mobile County and have always been staunch defenders of the marine environment. Paul is a board member of the South Bay Communities Alliance. As a Hurricane Katrina victim who lost his home to that storm, Paul lobbies for fair and adequate distribution of Katrina funds.

Sarah Price represents BEAT (Bethel Ensley Action Tasks) on the Arise Board. She has worked for Greater Birmingham Ministries since the early 80’s and was among the founding groups of Arise. She worked closely with the Utilities Coalition in the mid-to-late 80’s, the coalition that became Alabama Arise in 1988. She has spent most of her life working for social justice at the community and statewide level. She brings a rich history to the Arise Board.

Helen Rivas is an interpreter/translator in Birmingham who advocates on immigration and justice issues. She serves on the Coordinating Committee for Latinos Unidos de Alabama (LUDA).

Judy Roy is Lead Advocate and Program Coordinator for Independent Living Resources of Greater Birmingham.  She is the national chair of the Personal Assistance Service Subcommittee of the National Council on Independent Living.  Judy is an advocate for disability rights and led the effort to pass Money Follows the Person legislation that resulted in 505 new Medicaid waiver slots in Alabama. Judy serves on a number of local and state boards.

Isabel Rubio is the Executive Director and founder of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama. Originally from McComb, Mississippi, Isabel has lived in Birmingham since 1991.

Donald Stone is a social and political activist. He is the author of Fallen Prince: William James Edwards, Black Education and the Quest for Afro American Nationality, a biography of his grandfather, who founded the Snow Hill Institute in Wilcox County. Donald represents Partners in Progress on the Arise board.

Jackie Tipper is a retired teacher from Town Creek, whose children attended a small rural school in Hazelwood. Having grown up on the Tennessee River, Jackie is an environmentalist whose opposition to nuclear power stems from her concern for our children’s future.

Carole Zugazaga is an Associate Professor at Auburn University, where she has been a faculty member of the Social Work Program within the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work since 2002. She is currently working on a grant awarded by the State of Alabama Women’s Commission to better understand barriers and issues that affect women of Alabama with children age one and below.


Arise Daily News Digest 10-21-2013

AL.COM  - John F. Kennedy's vision for mental health never realized.

AL.COM  - Kids in Birmingham project recounts 1963 memories through the eyes of children, teens.

AL.COM  - For Obama, a frustrating health care rollout.

AL.COM  – Contributor Pepper Bryars:  Stick with the Gipper's game plan: Conservatives don't need a third party.

AL.COM  - Georgia to review tough death penalty revision involving the mentally disabled.

AL.COM  - Alabama legislators want to require license for 'sex offender clusters.'

SALON  - Henry Louis Gates: “Since slavery ended, all political movements have been about race.”

AL.COM  - Byrne, Young discuss Obama, gay marriage, religion and the delta in Saraland forum.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY  - Voters must take blame:  Fed-up Americans elected Congress.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER  - The Montgomery Advertiser:  Campaigns reflect GOP rift.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER  – Contributor Phil Schiliro: Rayburn's words relevant.

WASHINGTON POST  - Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle.

WASHINGTON POST  - How much did the shutdown cost the economy?

WASHINGTON POST  - The Washington Post:  Congress turns a blind eye to global warming.

WASHINGTON POST  - Columnist E. J. Dionne:  Hope that governance will return to Washington.

NEW YORK TIMES  - Contractors See Weeks of Work on Health Site

NEW YORK TIMES  - Contributor Amia Srinvasan:  Questions for Free-Market Moralists

NEW YORK TIMES  - Driving a New Bargain on Health Care

NEW YORK TIMES  – Columnist Paul Krugman:  Lousy Medicaid Arguments

LOS ANGELES TIMES  - In North Carolina, a Democratic state official speaks out.

LOS ANGELES TIMES  – The Los Angeles Times:  No way to run a health exchange.

Arise Daily News Digest 10-23-2013

AL.COM - ASU to students: Parts of forensic audit report are 'clearly inaccurate.'

AL.COM - Daniel Adamek pleads for mental health care reform in wake of son Christian's suicide.

AL.COM - National media watches as Bradley Byrne, Dean Young sharpen attacks in congressional debate.

AL.COM - Alabama State University files lawsuit against forensic auditor over report that alleges financial wrongdoing at the school.

AL.COM - Gov. Robert Bentley gives state employees extra holidays after Thanksgiving, Christmas.

AL.COM - Parents describe benefits of Alabama Accountability Act in court filings.

AL.COM - Milton McGregor: Electronic bingo legal in Macon County.

AL.COM - Alabama parole board to hold hearing on posthumous pardons of Scottsboro Boys next month.

AL.COM – Columnist George Tallbot: The bombshells are flying in AL-01 congressional race.

AL.COM – Contributor State Sen. Billy Beasley: Medicaid Managed Care and Rural Pharmacies

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER - "Call Before You Dig" into Federal Funds, Hubbard Businesses Prosper from PSC Advertising

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

AL.COM - Alabama's economic development prospects improving, officials say.

AL.COM - Secretary of state issues final rules, and an exception, for photo voter ID.

AL.COM – Contributor Clete Wetli: Why Alabama needs more Progressive Democrats.

DECATUR DAILY - Obamacare in Alabama: Some face dropped plans, rate increases.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - Shutdown affects economy: Concerns that held back job growth likely to linger.

ANNISTON STAR - Stricter Pell Grant terms cost students at smaller schools, officials say.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Water war strategy becomes clearer.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The Montgomery Advertiser: BOE votes to protect data.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Food stamps for Alabamians set to decline.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: A barbaric pursuit.

WASHINGTON POST - Health co-ops, created to foster competition and lower insurance costs, are in danger.

WASHINGTON POST - IRS to delay tax-filing season up to two weeks.

WASHINGTON POST - Middling September jobs report another sign that a robust recovery will, again, have to wait.

WASHINGTON POST - Columnist Dana Milbank: Democrats own health care.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: Waste, waste everywhere in water bill before the House.

NEW YORK TIMES - Annual Rise in Cost of Public College Slows

NEW YORK TIMES - As Drug Costs Rise, Bending the Law Is One Remedy

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: The United States, Falling Behind

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Intellectual Disability and the Death Penalty

LOS ANGELES TIMES – Columnist Doyle McManus: Poof goes the middle class: With wages falling and inequality increasing, new ideas are needed to prevent the emergence of a new underclass.

LOS ANGELES TIMESThe Los Angeles Times: Preserving the Affordable Care Act.

Arise Daily News Digest 12-23-2013

AL.COM - Health plan sticker shock ahead for some buyers.

AL.COM – Contributor Pepper Bryars: Alabama must strengthen its open meetings law.

AL.COM - Connecting civil rights with international human rights: Dalai Lama set to make pilgrimage to Birmingham in 2014.

AL.COM - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is part of conspiracy to keep out competition, lawsuit alleges.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald: What was bigger than football in 2013?

DECATUR DAILY - Orr wants to compare salaries with other states.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Columnist Cynthia Tucker: It's time to let immigrants emerge from shadows.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Foreign made meth popular in Alabama.

WASHINGTON POST - In 27 states, unemployment is at its lowest in at least four years.

WASHINGTON POST - Report: Use of death penalty shows decline in United States.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: Immigration reform moves to the top of Congress’ to-do list.

NEW YORK TIMES - Amid Steady Deportation, Fear and Worry Multiply Among Immigrants

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: A Small Step Toward More Mercy

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Bill Keller: Inequality for Dummies

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman: Bits and Barbarism

NEW YORK TIMES – Contributor James McAuley: The Affluenza Society

SLATE - The Miracle of “Anchoring:” How raising the minimum wage will psychologically trick employers into raising other wages, too.

Arise Daily News Digest 3-10-2014

AL.COM - Voting rights for ex-felons: Difficult and rare to get a second chance in Alabama.

AL.COM - Contributor Scott Beaulier: Which of these lines is not like the others?

AL.COM - "Some people died for it," Bloody Sunday marcher recalls costs of voting rights.

AL.COM - New version of education budget eliminates pay bonus, applies more money to health insurance.

AL.COM - Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore opposes Legislature's article-by-article changes to state Constitution.

AL.COM – Contributor Cameron Smith: Troy study confirms Medicaid expansion is the wrong choice for Alabama.

ALABAMA SCHOOL CONNECTION - So Who Is Sponsoring the Senate Takeover of K-12 Public Education?

DECATUR DAILY - Locked and loaded: Law enforcement speaks against gun law proposal.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - High court divided on actions by Legislature.

TUSCALOOSA NEWS - College costs are higher for the poor: Analysis reveals that well-off students get more aid, discounts.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Thousands march across Edmund Pettus Bridge for commemoration of 'Bloody Sunday.'

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - The week in the Legislature: Marijuana oil bill.

WASHINGTON POST - The hard lives — and high suicide rate — of Native American children on reservations.

WASHINGTON POST - States finding ways to skirt cuts in food stamps, frustrating congressional goals.

WASHINGTON POST - The Washington Post: Mr. Obama’s risky transportation plan.

NEW YORK TIMES - Little-Known Health Act Fact: Prison Inmates Are Signing Up

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Paul Krugman: Liberty, Equality, Efficiency

THE ATLANTIC - Today Is the 50th Anniversary of the (Re-)Birth of the First Amendment

Arise Daily News Digest 4-2-2014

ARISE LEGISLATIVE UPDATE - Alabama House sends tight General Fund budget to Bentley; ETF plan wins Senate approval, awaits House vote.

AL.COM - Alabama lawmaker Greg Wren takes plea deal, will cooperate with state corruption investigation.

AL.COM - House Speaker Mike Hubbard declines comment on Rep. Greg Wren's resignation; lawyers issue statement.

AL.COM - Legislative scorecard: Budgets close to finished, abortion and pistol bills down to wire.

AL.COM - New version of Alabama education budget includes no pay raise, boost in insurance funding.

AL.COM - Alabama House passes General Fund budget, sends it to governor.

AL.COM - Johnson wins race for short stint in seat long held by Rep. Demetrius Newton Sr.

AL.COM - Sen. Jeff Sessions takes to Senate floor to share personal story about 'incredible' Jeremiah Denton.

AL.COM - Wren's plea latest chapter in Alabama's corruption history: Convictions ended careers of 2 governors, many other officials.

AL.COM - Don't call it a comeback: Alabama home prices, building data suddenly look pretty good.

AL.COM - Report: FBI launches probe into flood insurance map revisions in two of Alabama’s beach cities.

SENATE SKETCHES - “Senate Sketches,” Sen. Hank Sanders’ weekly message to his constituents.

AL.COM - Legal Schnauzer blogger freed from jail after 5 months; had been held on contempt charge.

AL.COM - 'We will open and reopen again:' Greene County leaders vow to fight for electronic bingo rights.

AL.COM - Gov. Bentley signs Carly's Law to legalize marijuana-derived CBD oil prescriptions.

AL.COM - Alabama Senate passes $1,000 tax credit for in-state adoption.

AL.COM - State Sen. Paul Sanford: 'Corruption and abuse of office alive and well in Alabama government.'

AL.COM - Who is Greg Wren? Plea agreement casts light on 4 term legislative veteran.

AL.COM – Columnist John Archibald: With Wren singing, who in the Alabama Statehouse is next?

WSFA - Columnist Ken Hare In Depth: Singing Wren sounds sour note for other public officials.

DECATUR DAILY - Changes to tax credit act near passage.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY - The Times Daily: It’s time to address climate change.

GADSDEN TIMES - Alabama Legislature votes to suspend some taxes.

ANNISTON STAR - New program giving SNAP card readers to farmers.

ANNISTON STARThe Anniston Star: Our state of disrepair — Rep. Wren’s guilty plea adds chapter to Legislature’s history.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER - Payday database legislation stalls in the Senate.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Contributor Michael Churchman: Embrace renewable energy.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Columnist Josh Moon: Wren's plea deal may lead to House Speaker Mike Hubbard.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER – Columnist Steve Flowers’ Inside the Statehouse: Alabama tumbles from top of conservative states list.

OPELIKA-AUBURN NEWS - Summary of action in Alabama Legislature.

DOTHAN EAGLE - The Dothan Eagle: If electronic bingo is illegal gambling, why no arrests?

WASHINGTON POST - More than 7 million have enrolled under Affordable Care Act, White House says.

WASHINGTON POST - Bobby Jindal, with an eye on 2016, to unveil plan to replace Obama health-care law.

WASHINGTON POST - In pushing Obamacare, the White House is focused mostly on these 25 cities.

WASHINGTON POST - Map: The education gap between Asians and other minorities is huge in every state.

NEW YORK TIMES – Columnist Thomas Edsall: Is the American Middle Class Losing Out to China and India?

NEW YORK TIMES - Police Confront Rising Number of Mentally Ill Suspects

NEW YORK TIMES - Newly Enrolled, but Not Counted by Insurance Exchanges

NEW YORK TIMESThe New York Times: Mr. Ryan’s Faith-Based Budget

Arise Daily News Digest 7-23-2013

AL.COM - Gov. Robert Bentley praises new absentee ballot law for emergency workers.

WCNF  - Dem. State Lawmaker Wants Stand Your Ground Law Repealed

AL.COM - Why history may be kind to a dying Larry Langford.

AL.COM  - Gadsden State president placed on paid leave after no-confidence vote.

AL.COM  - Conservation groups challenge new license for Alabama Power dams on Coosa River.

AL.COM  - Heavy rain hurting Alabama farmers, crops.

AL.COM  – Columnist Joey Kennedy:  We ignore the reality, impacts of climate change at our own peri.

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER  - Sessions Says Napolitano's Service Defined by Consistent Disrespect for the Rule of Law

ALABAMA POLITICAL REPORTER  - Shelby Urges Senate Not to Postpone National Flood Insurance Reforms

AL.COM  - Obesity in Alabama slowing but still on rise, report shows.

AL.COM  - Condemned Alabama inmate Andrew Lackey attempted suicide, is mentally ill, EJI says.

(FLORENCE) TIMES DAILY  - The Times Daily:  Outside legal fees.

ANNISTON STAR  – The Anniston Star:  Bentley’s Alabama – Governor’s summertime message ignores the reality of our state.

ANNISTON STAR  – The Anniston Star:  Alternatives galore in Alabama energy.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER  - Water wars: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions blasts Atlanta, Corps of Engineers.

MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER  - 2 environmental groups object to renewal of Alabama Power dam pact.

DOTHAN EAGLE  - AG: Trying to take drama out of bingo issue.

WASHINGTON POST  - Super PACs, other independent political groups already setting pace for 2016 presidential race.

WASHINGTON POST  - Zimmerman verdict poll: Stark reaction by race.

WASHINGTON POST  - How the Trayvon Martin case reveals our two political Americas

WBHM  - Alabama’s Mental Health Shift

WASHINGTON TIMES  - The  Washington Post:  The threat to voting rights.